Book Review: The Picture History of Great Explorers

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This is a wonderful book for readers of all ages. Even adults will learn something about the world's great explorers.

The number of explorers discussed exceeds 80, and this is both good and bad. On the one hand, you don't get a detailed description of any one person; however, this is more than made up for by the fact that the book as a whole is an excellent introduction to the idea of exploration and serves as a jumping-off point for further study of the explorers profiled.

This book follows the same format as one of the author's earlier books, The Picture Book of Great Inventors. And just like that book, this one works very well to engage and entertain—while also educating—the reader.

Along with the usual suspects (such as Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, and Robert Peary), we have such possibly unfamiliar names as Willem Jansz (the Dutch explorer who was the first European to reach Australia) and Sylvia Earle (a deep-sea explorer who is still making headlines today).

Each profile, which contains not only important events and dates but also explanations of why the person was important, is accompanied by fantastic illustrations and helpful timelines and maps.

The result is a well-rounded introduction and initial study of many of the world's great explorers. Frances Lincoln has another winner.

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