World War II
on the Homefront


These links describe the lives of people who lived in the U.S. and Britain during World War II.

Timeline of World War II
The last true worldwide war was fought between 1939 and 1945. See the developments before, during, and after this terrible war.

World War II: The Homefront
Virtual museum of photos, stories, and personal accounts

America on the Homefront
From America's National Archives

Women and the Homefront
See the special roles American women played during the war.

The Homefront Magazine
This award-winning magazine was published during wartime and still provides an excellent picture of life on the homefront.

Britain's Homefront: 1939-1945
See what life was like in Britain during the war.

Rationing in Britain
Find out what foods and materials the British people were asked to ration.

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