These links give you a good overview of the world of triathlon and its context to social studies.

The Ironman Triathlon
Find out more about one of the sporting world's most challenging events.

The History of the Ironman
Follow the event as it grows from 15 athletes to 1,500 in 24 years.

Highlights of Ironman History
A detailed list of the high points and records in the history of the Ironman.

The Worldwide Culture of the Ironman
The Ironman (and other triathlons)
are an excellent example of a sport that is truly multicultural.

Triathlon: Pros and Amateurs
The world of triathlon is filled with thousands and thousands of well-traveled, competitive people, most of whom are not professionals.
Race coverage, technology reviews, basic information--it's all here.

USA Triathlon
Lots of fun triathlon-related stuff here, including events, scheduling, news, and profiles of great athletes and coaches.
The Schedule
Find a triathlon near you!

Go here to see results of Ironman races, past and present.

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