American Trails West

Follow the American travelers as they go west by various routes.

The Oregon Trail
Learn all about the famous trail from this outdoors site.

Fish and Wildlife on the Oregon Trail: Then and Now
Learn about the animals of the Trail, in the past and in the present. You'll find that some things don't change.

National Oregon/California Trail Center
This site has it all, including an Oregon Trail timeline from 1803 to 1914.

Riding the Overland Stage
Mark Twain wrote this true account of traveling across country in a stagecoach in 1861.

The Pony Express
Lots of important facts about the Pony Express, its founding, its route, and its dangers.

Pony Express Museum
This museum celebrates the Pony Express, its riders, and its home, St. Joseph, Missouri.

Pony Express National Historic Trail
Follow the route of the famous horse-powered mail carriers.

Chisholm Trail
Find out more about this famous route west

California Trail
Trail to the largest state out west

Santa Fe Trail
Destination Southwest

Mormon Trail
Follow the religious pilgrims from the Midwest to the West

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