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Shavuot is the holiest time in the Jewish calendar. It marks the deliverance of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai.

The Story of Shavuot
Read the story behind this holiday.

Shavuot on the Net
This site does a good job of giving you both general and specific information on this holiday. You can also find links to other related sites.

Origins of Shavuot
Everything Jewish gives you a good background on this holiday, along with a focus on how people celebrate it today.

Celebrate with JOI: Shavuot
The emphasis here is on celebration. You can also learn a little about the holiday and its meaning in today's world.

Beth El on Shavuot
This site examines the holiday from all kinds of angles--historical, modern, religious. You can really learn a lot by reading what's here.

Shavuot Recipes
As with most Jewish holidays, the talk turns to food eventually. Find recipes for traditional Shavuot foods here.

Torah Tots: Shavuot Fun and Games
Definitely for younger kids, this site offers fun and games that help you learn more about this holiday and its importance.

Shavuot eCards
The good folks of Blue Mountain have electronic greeting cards waiting for you. Send one to someone you know.

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