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Running can be fun for all ages. Some people make a living running. Other people just have fun running. These links tell you more about running.

Youth Runner Magazine
Updated information on track, cross country, and road racing--all for kids your age.

Road Runners Club of America
Lots of great information here, including lists of events and teams throughout the U.S.

International Amateur Athletics Federation
Official site of this wide-ranging organization

USATF Youth Programs
The U.S. Track Federation offers many programs for young runners, and this site tells you about them all.

Runner's World: Kids Running
The international magazine gives you advice on nutrition, training, and much more.

Run the Planet
Descriptions of where to run all over the world.

Trackwire Online
Get updates on the latest college track events.

Staying Active: an Exercise Guide for Kids
This page is full of fun and useful links for kids and parents, all to do with keeping fit.

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