Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was a sometimes troubled, often successful monarch of England whose rule is known for the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the works of William Shakespeare.

Elizabeth I: Queen of a Golden Age
Elizabeth Tudor became Queen of England when she was 25. Her life up to that time had been full of strife, and her life as reigning monarch was of a similar difficulty. Through it all, she built a reputation for being a popular, cautious, and inspirational heir apparent and ruler, a woman so beloved by her people that the date of her ascension to the throne was celebrated as a national holiday for 200 years.

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I
Entirely the focus on this site

The Works of Elizabeth I
Featuring poems, letters, and speeches

Gallery of Elizabeth images
Multiple pages of artwork depicting the famous queen

Mary, Queen of Scots
All about the famed and ill-fated "sister" of the queen

The Spanish Armada
"The greatest fleet the world had ever seen"

Sir Francis Drake
The famed explorer and "sea dog" was one of Queen Bess's favorites

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