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Native Americans (Indians)


The Native Americans lived in North and South America long before Columbus arrived and called them "Indians." Learn more about these proud people.

The First Americans
Students just like you designed this web project on Native Americans and their lives and times.

North American Tribes Map and Info
Check out the map and learn more about which tribes lived where in North America.

North American Tribes Chart
HUGE list of student reports on all parts of Native American life, including biographies. Best of all, they were written by students just like you!

Learn more about the lives of famous Native Americans.

The Trail of Tears
The story of the forced removal of the Cherokee from Florida in the 1830s.

Native Americans: The Big Picture
Keep up with all the news on Native Americans.

National Museum of the American Indian
This museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution, is dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the lives, languages, history, and arts of Native Americans.

Native American Astronomy
Learn more about the way the Native Americans looked at the stars and the world around them. Don't miss the 4,000-year-old Medicine Wheels!

Who Owns the Past?
This excellent PBS site tells you how Native Americans are struggling to keep control of the remains of their ancestors.

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