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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day to honor your mother, your grandmother, and other people who have helped you become the person you are. These sites tell you the history of the holiday, how other people celebrate it, and give you new ideas for how to honor your mother or any special woman in your life.

Mother's Day on the Net
You can listen to museum, learn how to do arts and crafts, read other people's poems about their moms, even write your own poem! Show your mom she's the best in many, many ways.

The History of Mother's Day
Did you know that Mother's Day goes back to ancient Greece? Find out how they celebrated their mothers "way back then."

Mother's Day 100 Moms
Meet some of the most famous mothers in history! Included are TV moms, political moms, music moms, and more!

A Girl's World's Mom-A-Thon
Mom is the key word here! This site lets you in some great activities, including sending CyberMoney to your mom and more. Read about famous mothers, answer trivia, and more!

Mom's Day Fun at KidsDoman
You can do all sorts of things to celebrate your mom here. Send her an electronic card, play some games, make your way through some tough mazes. You can do it all!

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