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The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a time of great unrest and great achievement.

Life in the Middle Ages
Your About Guide to Medieval History gives you a comprehensive view of all aspects of this exciting time. Discover the art, culture, wars, religions, and more!

Medieval Writings
The Middle Ages were full of great and fascinating writers--poets, dramatists, scholars, etc. Check out a sampling of them at this informative site.

Medieval Sites for Families
Your About Guide to Medieval History takes you on a tour of sites you can share with other students or with your family. Among the highlights is a study of knights and knighthood done by students just like you!

Middle Ages in General
This site is your doorway into a wealth of information about the Middle Ages, including daily life, music, knights' tales, King Arthur, and much more!

Art in the Middle Ages
Some of our most revered art came from the Middle Ages. Do the names Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo ring a bell?

Medieval Architecture
Renaissance architects reinvented the way things were done. They also produced great, powerful, and tall buildings. And, they had a style all their own.

Adoption in the Middle Ages
Adoption is ancient practice. Many famous people were adopted. Muhammad himself was an adoptive parent.

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