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The Mayas

These links give you more information about the Mayas and their ancient, advanced civilization.

The Mayan Ball Game
The Mayan Ball Game was a religious experience that had great rewards for the winners and deadly consequences for the losers.

Mayas Fought Huge Civil War, Evidence Suggests
New evidence suggests that the Mayas fought the equivalent of a massive civil war, not just a series of regional battles, as has been previously thought.

All about the Mayas
The main focus here is on math and astronomy, but this site also does a good job of putting the Mayan experience in perspective. These people were incredibly advanced in thinking for the time. Find out why.

Maya Adventure
This fun interactive exhibit highlights information related to ancient and modern Mayan culture.

The Maya Calendar
The Mayas used a calendar that is more sophisticated than our own. In fact, they used three! Find out more about these fascinating time-tracking devices.

Timelines of Ancient North and South America
A short list of dates and places for the ancient American cultures. Doing a report on the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas? Get your dates straight here.

Ancient Latin America
This site has a cool clickable map. Choose a part of Central or South America, click on it, and find out about what life was like in that part of the world before the Europeans arrived.

The People and History of Mexico
Much more than a timeline, this tremendous resource is also a series of links to words and pictures that bring the history of Mexico to life, from the very beginnings. This site is an excellent example of how the study of history must include people, not just dates and places.

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