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Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a famous Italian explorer who traveled to China and brought back many tales and goods from the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongol.

Short Biography of Marco Polo
A few good details about Polo, his life, and his explorations.

Marco Polo: The Glories of Kinsay
Primary source for how Marco Polo described life at court in the Far East.

Marco Polo: On the Tartars
Primary source for how Marco Polo described life among the Tartars.

Marco Polo and His Travels
Long but detailed account of Polo, his life, and his successes.

Marco Polo: His Travels and Their Effects on the World
Fun slide show gives you standard information in a new way.

Kublai Khan in Battle, According to Marco Polo
See what the famous explorer wrote about the famous ruler on the battlefield.

Marco Polo and Korcula
Found more about his hometown and his life and adventures.

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The Travels of Marco Polo

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