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Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan is famous for planning the voyage that first went around the world. He conquered many obstacles on his trip. What many people don't know is that he died before the voyage was done.

Magellan's Voyage Around the World
Follow Ferdinand Magellan as he follows his dream to sail around the world. This illustrated article gives you the before, during, and after of Magellan's voyage. The result was a new understanding of the world.

Ferdinand Magellan Resources
Start here, with your About Guide to Geography, to learn more about Magellan, a truly fascinating figure in the history of exploration. Find primary sources, timelines, maps, and more!

Magellan Biography
The Mariners' Museum tells you the story of Magellan in plain language and with some pictures and maps. Site includes links to brief biographies of other major players in the Magellan story, including Spain's King Charles and Antonio Pigafetta, whose diary chronicled the entire voyage.

The publisher of this website has written a book about Magellan.

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Ferdinand Magellan: The Greatest Voyage of Them All
This site is all text, but it's good text. The facts are there, as well as a little analysis. It's always good to get your facts straight before you write your paper!

Factfile: Magellan
This helpful site gives you lots of information about Magellan and his voyage. Best of all, this information is presented in a Question-and-Answer format, and most of the questions are ones you have anyway!

The Voyage Across the Pacific
Did you know that Magellan and his crew sailed for 98 days across the Pacific Ocean without fresh food or water? This site describes that voyage in great detail. You won't find any pictures here, but the words are very informative!

Magellan's Voyage: A Primary Source
This is one of the very few primary sources to be found on the Internet. It is the story of Magellan's voyage as seen through the eyes of a Genoese pilot who accompanied Magellan on the voyage around the world.

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