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The world is full of interesting people who speak interesting languages. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, English, Spanish--all are represented here in this comprehensive survey of Languages around the World.

How Did We Get the Alphabet?
The English alphabet is the product of a number of other languages, growing out of ancient hieroglyphs and latching onto Chinese, Greek, and Roman along the way. It is a fascinating story, and this fun, illustrated article explains it all for you.

The Geography of Languages
Ever seen that map of who speaks what where? This site gives you the facts and figures that went into that map. Check it out!

Online Languages Courses
It's amazing how much information is online these days! This site points you to a huge number of resources, all helping you to study, learn, and absorb foreign languages.

Spanish Language Schools
Studying Spanish? Go no further. Visit this site early and often in your study of Spanish, and your understanding of the language and its culture will grow by leaps and bounds!

Learning German
English "borrowed" many words from German. Find out which ones and more at this helpful site from your About Guide to German Culture. Don't miss the Top 10 Reasons for Learning German!

Chinese language
Chinese is quite possibly the language spoken most in the world. Find out more about this powerful, elegant, and ancient language from your About Guide to Chinese Culture.

Japanese Language
Japanese is similar to Chinese but also different in many ways. Discover this exciting, ancient language at this wonderful site, from your About Guide to Japanese Language.

Language Resource Online
Excellent resource for world languages and cultures. Also includes world maps and language schools and associations.

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