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Juneteenth is short for June 19th, the anniversary of the end of slavery. These links take you to the history, celebrations, and importance of this historic holiday.

The Importance of Juneteenth
Why is this holiday so important? It celebrates the fact that people can live together under a common cause: freedom.

Juneteenth: Celebrating Freedom
Your Guide to African-American History takes you through the history and the present of this important holiday.

Juneteenth Worldwide Celebration
This great site has everything you would want in a website honoring a holiday: the history, the celebrations, a find-your-local-celebration locator map, links to other similar sites, and much more!

History of Juneteenth
Focusing on the history of the event, this site traces the development of the holiday, from its post-Civil War beginnings.

The National Juneteenth Museum
This impressive museum honors and celebrates the end of slavery and the beginning of African-American freedom.

Juneteenth: Freedom Revisited
This site is the companion to the Smithsonian Institution's exhibit at the Anacostia Museum.

The Juneteenth Celebration
General information abounds at this helpful site.

National Association of Juneteenth Lineage
This national organization tirelessly works to advance the cause of African-Americans while also celebrating the importance of Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Greeting Cards
Send a fun Juneteenth card to someone you know. Celebrate this great holiday together!

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