James Buchanan


James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States. Almost his entire term was spent trying to avoid war. Among the notable things that happened during his presidency was the Dred Scott Decision, in which the Supreme Court declared an African-American man a piece of property.

James Buchanan: Statesman and President
He was one of the most experienced statesmen ever to win the Presidency. He is remembered for being one of the worst Presidents in history. See how it all happened.

White House Biography
This site is FILLED with excellent details about this president.

Documents of James Buchanan
List of documents includes his inaugural address, State of the Union speeches, and many more.

Why James Buchanan Was a Terrible President
So say a panel of experts

Buchanan's Facts and Accomplishments
On the other hand ...

The Dred Scott Case
Famous Supreme Court decision that sought to forever remove citizenship rights from slaves

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