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Social Studies can be learned from playing games. Check out these links to games that let you have fun AND learn.

The Staff of Hatshepsut: An Adventure Game of Egypt
Be your own tomb raider! You'll need all of your wits and skill to bring home an ancient artifact, the legendary Staff of Hatshepsut. Solve riddles and puzzles, avoid monsters, and keep your thinking cap with you at all times! This game is Number One Fun!!

Quiz Games and General Knowledge
Quiz games on an astounding number of subjects! Try history, geography, discoverers, money, authors, math, science, English, the Olympics, and much more!

Go Across the West with Lewis and Clark
Follow the adventures of Lewis and Clark across the Louisiana Territory. You can even make your own decisions!

Empires Past: TEG
This ThinkQuest game puts you in the role of an adventurer in ancient times. Your knowledge of the times will help you succeed!

Greek and Roman Ball Games
Find out how much like modern games the Greek and Roman ball games really were! Doing a report on ancient sports? Start here.

Crossroads of Empire
This Jeopardy-type game asks you increasingly difficult questions about a variety of subjects in medieval and later times.

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