Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson sailed for England and Holland. He went searching for the legendary Northwest Passage but never found it. Find out more about Henry Hudson through these links.

Henry Hudson: Legacy Despite Disappointment
Henry Hudson was one of England's most famous explorers, both for his discoveries and for the events that took place during his last known voyage.

Henry Hudson Timeline and Biography
A very good biography, complete with timeline, of the life of Henry Hudson. Find out why his men left him in a boat in the middle of the bay that bears his name.

Henry Hudson: An Englishman in Dutch Service
Hudson was English all right, but he sailed for Holland on his famous search for the Northwest Passage.

Map of Henry Hudson's Route
See where Hudson sailed on his way through Canadian waters.

Full Text of Robert Juet's Journal
Read all about the crew's voyage up what we now call the Hudson River in Canada. This journal was written by a man who sailed with Hudson.

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