George Washington

He won the Revolutionary War, served as president of the Constitutional Convention, and was the first president of the United States. He is quite possibly the most famous of all the Founding Fathers.

George Washington: American Hero
He was larger than life, a true hero to many Americans, even his fellow Founding Fathers. He was a war hero and a great president and much more! Read all about the most famous of the early Americans.

George Washington and the Crossing of the Delaware
George Washington's crossing of the ice-filled Delaware River, from Pennsylvania to New Jersey in the dead of night on Christmas, was a desparate gamble that paid off, the kind of victory that energized the American army and the American people. Read more about it.

The History of the Presidential Election
EVERY election, from George Washington to the present. Which political parties have come and gone? Who has been elected more times than anybody else? Who were the "Know-Nothings"? All these and more are answered in this expansive yet easy-to-read article.

George Washington's False Teeth
Everyone knows this story, right? Think again.

George Washington: Fact and Fancy
Did you know he was one of the Founding Fathers to free his slaves? Facts like this and more are here at this fun-filled site.

Washington's First State of the Union Address
He was the first president to give one of these speeches, and the set the measure for all who came after him. Read his address for yourself.

Fun Facts about George Washington
Learn fun and not-so-well-known facts about President George Washington.

The American President: George Washington
This site is simply fabulous! All kinds of information can be found here, on every president!

George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is packed with the words and deeds of the presidents. Find out more about George Washington here.

Life of George Washington
This biography of the great man was written by David Ramsay, a contemporary of Washington.

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