World Governments

These sites give information about governments of countries all around the world.

Elections Canada
This site, also available in French, tells you all about Canadian government and elections. Interesting links include Third Parties and Electoral Reform.

Mexico - A Country Study
Learn about the government of Mexico, along with other exciting facts about geography, culture, and more. You can even learn about the history of Mexican government.

Houses of Parliament
Learn about the House of Commons and the House of Lords--the two houses of government of the United Kingdom. Yes, they sound like our House and Senate; but in some ways, they are very different. Find out how.

French Embassy
From the French Embassy itself comes a guide to the government, history, and culture of France. Check out the A-to-Z information page, as well as the Just 4 Kids page.

Government of Germany
Facts and figures, words and pictures--the focus is on Germany.

Types of Government in Countries around the World
Just what it says, from A to Z

Laws in Countries around the World
Just what it says, from A to Z

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