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Maps of European History

These maps show the history and development of the countries of Europe.

Historic Map of the Netherlands
See the Netherlands (or Holland) as it used to be, many years ago.

Antique Maps of Iceland
These older maps of Iceland show the island country in many different ways.

Spain and Portugal 1270-1492
See the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal in the times of the great explorers, including Columbus.

Viking Routes
Relive the great Viking raids! See where the Norsemen sailed on their great voyages of conquest.

Europe: Historical Maps A.D. 1-1500
Exhaustive series of historical maps of Europe, with a focus on the Roman Empire.

Germany: Historical Maps
See the many countries and boundaries that have made up what we today call just one Germany.

Balkans Historical Maps
See the nations of the Balkans, where so many wars have been fought through the years.

Maps of Europe During the Middle Ages
See how Europe evolved during the Middle Ages.

Maps of Eastern Europe During the Middle Ages
These maps focus on Eastern Europe and its various wars, cities, and countries.

 Graphics courtesy of ArtToday

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