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General Douglas MacArthur


These links describe Douglas MacArthur, who fought in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.

Encyclopedia Entry: Douglas MacArthur
This solid biography also includes several photos. Good resource!

MacArthur's Life
Another solid bio

MacArthur in World War I
He served for a few years during this conflict as well

MacArthur in World War II
In-depth of his roles and actions during the 1940s conflict

How Douglas MacArthur Shaped Postwar Japan
As Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, he had wide-ranging authority to achieve many ends, including guiding the drafting of Japan's postwar constitution, famous in part for its explicit prohibition of war.

MacArthur's Role in the Korean War
Solid biography includes his daring Incheon Landing and his shocking dismissal by the President.

MacArthur's Farewell Address
Full transcript of the famous general's speech to a joint session of Congress

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