The Sumatra Tsunami

These are stories about the December 26, 2004, Sumatra Tsunami and its aftermath.

Sumatra Quake Longest Ever Recorded
The underwater earthquake that triggered the December 2004, Sumatra Tsunami was the longest earthquake ever recorded, scientists have announced. Most earthquakes last a few seconds or perhaps a minute. The Sumatra quake lasted between 500 and 600 seconds.

Tsunami Uncovers Ancient Treasures
The high waves have been a boon for archaeologists, who have reported a handful of discoveries of ruins previously buried under tons of sand and water. The
most recent of these announcements came as archaeologists in India announced the discovery of an ancient city near present-day Mahabalipuram, 30 miles south of Madras.

Clinton, Bush to Tour Disaster Zone
Former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush will begin a tour of areas hit hard by the Sumatra Tsunami.

Tsunami Death Toll Nears 300,000
The number of people killed or presumed dead in the Sumatra Tsunami devasation now exceeds 294,000, according to United Nations officials. Also see these stories:

Malaysia Tsunami Warning
Malaysia put forth its first official tsunami warning on Sunday, the result of a new effort on detecting huge waves before they turn into disastrous for population centers.

Survivors Found
survivors of the Sumatra Tsunami have been found on the otherwise devastated Campbell Bay Island, in the heart of the storm that wrecked the area on December 26, 2004.

Schools reopen
In a sign that some things, at least, are returning to normal, many children went back to school in rural Aceh province of Indonesia and in Sri Lanka.

Scam Artists on the Loose
With the outpouring of grief and financial relief has emerged a new threat to relief efforts in the wake of the Sumatra Tsunami: relief aid fraud. Scam artists have popped up around the world, in person and online.

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