The Constitution

The Constitution is the basis for government in the United States. It spells out how the government is formed, who makes it up, and how to pass and amend laws. It is one of the most famous documents ever written.

The Making of the Constitution
This very helpful article examines the causes, difficulties, and results of the Constitutional Convention, the Bill of Rights, and more. Excellent resource!

Text of the Constitution
ALL the words.

The Bill of Rights
The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution were more than an afterthought. The brainchild of James Madison, they were vitally important to every American.

Biographies of the Signers of the Constitution
Read about the lives of the 39 men who signed the Constitution. Page contains links to biographies of these great men.

10 Fast Facts on the Constitution
Find out more about this great document, including lots of fun trivia!

Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution
This helpful chart makes it very clear why the Constitution better suited the needs of the American people.

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