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Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in countries all around the world. Find out how different people celebrate.

Christmas: The Religious Holiday
See how people celebrate the birthday of Jesus and other aspects of the religious holiday.

Christmas: The Coming of Santa Claus
See how people celebrate the arrival of Santa and other fun parts of Christmas.

Legends of Christmas
Find out how many legends and traditions got started. This informative newsletter tells you how mistletoe, caroling, gift-giving and more came to be part of the Christmas tradition.

Bienvenue au Village du PËre NoÎl
That's right--it's French. This site, from Quebec, helps you celebrate Christmas in English or French. Click around the site to learn about Christmas in two languages!

Christmas on the Net
It's Christmastime all around the world. This site helps you explore different people and cultures and see how they celebrate this special holiday.

The Christmas Tree
When did Christmas trees first appear in people's homes? Earlier than you might think.

Christmas Lights Began with Edison
The electric Christmas lights that are so common today needed electricity flowing to them, which is why the story starts with Thomas Edison.

The Yule Log
What is a Yule Log? Why is it a symbol of the Christmas season? This site tells you the answers to those questions and the history behind the Yule Log.

Christmas with Reader's Digest
This site has tons of Christmas-themed stuff. Recipes, carols, arts and crafts--you name it, they have it!

Holiday Trivia
This is not a quiz. It's a list of facts and figures about the Christmas season. For instance, did you know that in Denmark, many people start eating on Christmas Eve and don't quit until late the next day?

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