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Canada Day

It's the national holiday of Canada, celebrating the union of English and French Canada. It's a lot more than that! It's celebrations and food and fun! These sites share it with you!

Canada Day: The Story Behind the Holiday
Read all about the history of the holiday and the country itself. Using words and pictures, this article takes you through the formation of Canada step by step.

About's Canada Day Quiz
Think you're an expert on Canada Day? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the national holiday. This fun quiz will do both.

The Origins of Canada Day
Go back to the beginning, when Canada Day was first celebrated, to find out how this holiday was created.

Canada Day Quiz
Another fun quiz tests your knowledge of Canada's national holiday.

Happy Canada Day!
Fun is the key word at this site, which was pictures, sounds, and much more in the way of celebration. Canada Day and Fun go well together!

Canada Day Greeting Cards
Send your friends and family electronic greeting cards to celebrate Canada Day!

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