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These links give you a good overview of the world of basketball and its context to social studies.

History of Basketball
Basketball has a long and exciting history. Find out more about it here.

How Does a Basketball Bounce?
Ever wondered? This site shows you how.

Junior NBA and Junior WNBA
This is the official site of this exciting program, and it has lots of fun stuff, including Lessons Learned, coach and player interviews, and great videos of kids just like you.
This is the official site of the NCAA men's and women's basketball championships.

Official NBA Site
Yes, it's the official site. Get all kinds of exciting stuff here, including team stats and schedules, player profiles, and more.

Official WNBA Site
Meet the women's stars of today and tomorrow.

Harlem Globetrotters
Get the scoop on basketball's funniest and most well-traveled team!

International Basketball Federation
Find out more about basketball all around the world.

The Official Rules of Basketball
Find out what you can do and can't do on the court.

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