The Aztec Empire was one of the mightiest in the Americas, but it was brought down eventually by a coalition of its enemies and invading Spaniards.

The Aztec Empire
Tremendous portal to the world of the Aztecs, with links to all

The Rise of the Aztec Empire
Good detail from the History of Mexico site

The Aztec Story of Creation
How Quetzlcoatl and Tezcatlipoca caused life to form

Aztec Gods and Goddesses
Who the people worshiped and why

Map of the Aztec Empire
Rather vague map shows the empire's large cities

Important Events in the Conquest of the Aztec Empire
How Cortez turned an impossible situation into a stunning victory

The Fall of the Aztec Empire
More details about the unlikely event

Hernan Cortés
The conquistador who completed one of the largest conquests of them all

The Aztec ruler who thought Cortez a god

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