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Maps of Asian History

See the rise and follow of literally hundreds of countries! These sites include Russia, China, Japan, and other large Asian countries, as well as many smaller countries.

Maps of Ancient India
Start here, with a large list of maps from your About Guide to Ancient History.

Maps of Ancient China
When did the Great Wall first show up on a map? You can find the answer here, along with many other maps of China in ancient times.

Silk Road Maps
The Silk Road ran from China to the Mediterranean and back again, transporting goods and culture to and from Asia and Europe. Follow the Silk Road for yourself with these colorful, helpful maps.

Historical Maps of Japan
Follow the development of Japan, from a series of small settlements to a large empire.

Maps of the Dutch East Indies
Which Far East islands did the Dutch own? Depends on what time period. These maps show the development of Dutch interests in the East Indies, from start to finish.

Russia 1723
This historical curiosity shows the various states that would one day make up the Russian Empire.

Russian Empire 1882
This series of 12 maps gives you many close-ups of the Russian Empire as it appeared toward the end of the 19th Century.

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