Archaeology is a very exciting field, telling us where we came from by telling us where we've been. Archaeology is more than bones and dust; it is the whole history of men and women, animals and plants.

Basic Archaeology: What's a Dig?
An archaeology project is called a dig. Why? Because archaeologists dig a lot to find what they're looking for. Find out more about the digging process in this helpful, easy-to-read article.

Basic Archaeology: What's a Midden?
The technical term is midden. What archaeologists are really doing when they sift through a midden is looking through someone else's trash.

Ancient India: Super Trade Center
Recent excavations at an Egyptian port prove that trade between the Roman Empire and India was far more extensive than was previously thought.

Exciting New Find: A Jurassic Mammal
Scientists have found a very old fossil of a mammal in South America. This mammal lived 170 million years ago. Why is this important? Because they didn't think mammals were living there that far back in time. It's another example of how if you keep digging, you can always find new theories.

The Fun of Archaeology: Making New Discoveries
The discovery of a very old civilization at Caral, in Peru, brings to light an often overlooked part of studying archaeology: Sometimes, what you find causes you to throw long-established theories right out the window.

How Were Dinosaurs Like People?
Scientists now think that dinosaurs lived somewhat like people did and do, in terms of family life and community interaction. Is the Past in Your Future?
Think your career is in ruins? If you like archaeology, you might think about a career in the field. This site can help you by giving you more information on what archaeologists do and how much fun they have getting their hands dirty.

What Is Underwater Archaeology?
The answer to this question and much more can be found at this helpful site. Full of pictures and links to other research, the site focuses on archaeological studies beneath the waves. See sunken ships and their treasures!

Archaeology Magazine
This companion web site to the American magazine of the same name gives you a wealth of information about digs, excavations, ruins, and the like. You can also read back issues, check out book selections, and much more.

The Archaeology Channel
Archaeology comes alive at this fun and fun-to-look-at site! The main feature is streaming video of recent projects, but much more is available if you know where to look.
Prehistoric Times
Your friends at KidsKonnect give you LOTS of information about archaeology and and history of people and animals.

Archaeological Adventure
Archaeology isn't all bones and dust. It's exciting digs, with clues to ancient mysteries! This site highlights these aspects of archaeology and keeps you up-to-date on news in the field!

Archaeology Data Service
For that inevitable report or class project on archaeology, this site provides you with a wealth of information at your very fingertips. A portal to several large catalogs of information, this site makes it easy for you to narrow your focus in pursuit of just the information you seek.

National Geographic Outpost
Now this is a really cool idea! This site lets you correspond with explorers who are in the field. Send them messages, read their reports, share their results, and more!

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