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Ancient India

Civilization arose in India a very long time ago. Like other early civilizations, it began along rivers. Discover more about these ancient Asian people.

Ancient Indian Civilization Followed the Rains, Researchers Say
May 30, 2012
The Harappan civilization was the victim of migrating monsoons, according to a team of researchers.

Ancient India: Super Trade Center
Recent excavations at an Egyptian port prove that trade between the Roman Empire and India was far more extensive than was previously thought.

The Harappan Disappearance: A Mystery of Ancient India
About 2500 B.C., one of the world's first great civilizations arose in the Indus River valley, in what is now Pakistan and western India. A few hundred years later, it had vanished. What happened?

Ancient India: Highly Advanced
The people who lived in the Indus Valley in ancient times had many of what we would call modern ideas.

The Ancient Indus Valley
This amazing site has it all--images, compelling text, and an easily navigable site path. Best of all, it doesn't take a long time to load!

Aryan Invasion and Fall of the Indus Empire
Some historians think that the Aryan invasion spelled the downfall of the Harappan civilization. Others disagree. See arguments for both sides at this detailed site.

Maps of Ancient India
Start here, with a large list of maps from your About Guide to Ancient History.

Indus River Valley Civilization
Known as the Harappan Civilization, this group of people was based on the Indus River Valley, in what is now Pakistan and northwestern India. Your About Guide to Ancient/Classical History guides you through a study of these people, who were one of the most advanced of the ancient civilizations

Maps of the Indus Valley
It's always easier if you have a map! Check out these detailed maps and discover just how far from (or close to) other ancient civilizations these ancient people were.

Ancient Asia Resources
The first civilizations in Asia arose along the Indus River in India and the Yangtze River in China. Find out more about these early civilizations from your About Guide to Ancient/Classical History.

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