Samantha Smith: Young Peace Ambassador

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Part 2: Fame and Poor Fortune

Samantha and her family took Andropov up on his invitation, visiting the U.S.S.R. later that year, as Andropov's guests. Samantha, a 10-year-old from Maine, became a media sensation and a spokeswoman for peace. She wrote a book about her travels: Journey to the Soviet Union. In December 1983, she traveled to Japan and gave a speech at a world peace symposium in Kobe.

Two years later, she won a role in a television series, Lime Street. Sadly, she and her father died in a place crash on Aug. 25, 1985.

Samantha's legacy lives on, thanks to efforts by her mother, who began The Samantha Smith Foundation in 1985. A statue of Samantha was unveiled a year later.

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