The Great Egyptian Pyramids

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Part 2: Why Were They Built?

Why were these Pyramids built? The Egyptian people believed in another life beyond the one they lived on Earth. They believed that their pharaohs, who were closer to the gods or even gods come to Earth, should have all kinds of earthly comforts in their journey to the next life.

When a pharaoh died, he or she was embalmed, wrapped in preservative materials, and set in a sarcophagus (coffin) inside the pyramid. Also inside the pyramid were jewels, food, and other things the pharaoh would take with himself or herself into the next life. These embalmed pharaohs are called mummies.

A mummy was created using special chemicals. The body was wrapped tight and preserved so that the person inside would have protection for his or her soul.

The Egyptians made their dead pharaohs into mummies because they believed that the pharaohs would be their link to the gods even in the afterlife. The people wanted the gods to continue to smile on them, so they kept their pharaohs protected by strong chemicals and strong buildings (the pyramids). The current pharaoh was a child of the gods, but it sure didn't hurt to have other pharaohs still protecting people.

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