Leonardo: the Complete Renaissance Man

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Part 3: Fame and Legacy

During this time also, Leonardo produced two more astounding art works, one of which is the most recognized painting in the world. The first is a drawing called Battle of Anghiari, an illustration of an actual battle that took place between armies of the city-states of Florence and Pisa. Like other Leonardo works, this one was never finished. It has been preserved, however, in its unfinished state. It is known for its realistic depictions of men and animals.

The other painting is the famous Mona Lisa. This most famous of all paintings is also known as La Gioconda because it is presumed to be a painting of a woman named Mrs. Gioconda. Leonardo worked on this painting while he was in the middle of other projects, from 1503 to 1506. Thereafter, he took the painting with him wherever he went and worked on it in fits and starts until his death.

Leonardo went to Milan in 1506. He soon became court painter to King Louis XII of France, who was living in Milan then. Leonardo lived and worked in Milan and Florence for the next six years. His jobs included engineering projects and artworks, none of which was significant.

From 1514 to 1516, Leonardo lived and worked in Rome, reporting directly to Pope Leo X. His duties during this time were mainly scientific. He went to France in 1516 to work for King Francis I. He died in France on May 2, 1519.

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