Juan Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth

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Part 2: The Fountain of Youth

He had several adventures along the way, fighting off fierce native tribes and discovering some hidden riches. He did not, however, find the Fountain of Youth. In need of fresh ships and crew, he returned to Boriquien.

He continued to govern the island, and he continued to hear stories of the Fountain of Youth. Finally, in 1521, he set out again. He had gained permission to settle both Bimini, which he still hoped to find, and Florida, which he thought was an island.

He failed to find Bimini again, but he did land on the Florida coast. (No one is really sure where he landed.) While he and his men were building houses for a proposed settlement, they were attacked by native tribesmen. Many of his men died, but Ponce escaped, although he was injured. He boarded his ship and set sail again. He reached Cuba and entered a hospital, where died of wounds from the attack in Florida.

Juan Ponce De Leon never found the Fountain of Youth. Neither did anyone else, at least as far we know.

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