The Great Wall: Symbol of a Closed Society

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Part 1: The Wall Gets Longer

A recent news report says that the Great Wall of China is longer than was previously thought.

Scientists have discovered a 310-mile-long stretch of wall in the Xinjiang province that they say belongs with the rest of the Great Wall. This claim is based on similarities found between the existing Wall and the newly unearthed walls.

"There is no doubt this is part of the Great Wall as it consists of the city wall and beacon towers, forming a complete defense system,'' Luo Zhewen, regarded as China's foremost Great Wall expert, told Xinhua, the Chinese news agency.

Adding this 310 miles of wall to the already 4,160 miles of Wall, you get 4,470 miles. That's one long wall!

It's very long, and it's very old. In fact, construction began in 221 B.C.

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