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Atlantis: Truth or Tall Tale?

Part 2: Other Sources

Plato also said that the people of Atlantis were very intelligent and had very advanced technology. He also described the island in a high degree of detail. The people who say that Atlantis was real point to these details and say that they are too many and too specific to have been made up.

And what about any other sources? Well, there really aren't any for a long time. The Aztecs and Mayas wrote about Atlantis, but they never said where it was. Maps published hundreds of years ago listed Atlantis, but those maps differed as to where it was as well. Sailors exploring the high seas thought they would find Atlantis if they just sailed long enough in the right direction. Of course, they didn't know which direction was the right one.

Certain landmark books have been published, announcing this theory and that theory of whether Atlantis was real and if it was, where it was. The story of Atlantis is a popular theme for fiction writers.

Some writers have claimed that Atlantis was under the South China Sea, in Bolivia, even on another planet. One book even suggested that the destruction of Atlantis was really the explosion of a planet.

The point is that we don't really know for sure. Many theories claim to have extensive evidence to back up their claims. But when so many experts can't agree on such a simple fact as where something was, it's doubtful that any one theory is the right one.

Wherever or whatever Atlantis really was, it continues to inspire the imaginations of people of all ages.

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