Cinco de Mayo

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Part 2: Celebrations Today

Today, people celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a big way. They have festivals and fiestas. They dance special dances and eat special foods. They play special music on special instruments. They take part in sporting events. They make piñatas. People wear clothes of red and green, the colors of the Mexican flag.

They have celebrations large and small. One of the largest is outside the City Hall of Los Angeles, where more than 500,000 gather every year. Small family gatherings are also popular. Mexican flags are everywhere you look. So are pictures of General Ignacio Zaragoza, who won the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This battle was on May 5, after all, and May 5 is Cinco de Mayo!

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is a chance to honor the memory and bravery of the Mexican soldiers who fought for their country. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the culture of Mexico itself.

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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