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Moving Geography: Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaks Up

Part 2: Global Warming

Finally, global warming is a long-term, nearly unreversible condition that will likely bring the following:

  • more disease, as waterborne diseases rise in numbers with the level of the sea
  • more bad weather, as changes in climate destabilize established weather patterns
  • mass fish migrations, as some bodies of water become too warm for the fish who have lived there for thousands of years
  • fewer birds living or flying to the Southern Hemisphere, since they wouldn't have to fly as far south with the entire planet being warmer; this could lead to overpopulation in northern areas
  • drops in population of cold-weather birds like penguins
  • more deserts, especially if land temperatures rise and populations grow faster than water can be made available

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Global warming is everyone's problem. Ask your teachers or your family (or both) what you can do to help.

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