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YouTube Goes School-friendly
December 13, 2011

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YouTube has made a large portion of its site school-friendly.

The video site giants has created YouTube EDU, which houses hundreds of thousands of educational videos. It is also contained behind a network setting that allows school users access to the educational content but not to other, more distracting content, such as the latest viral video showing pets doing tricks. 

Also, many videos that would have otherwise been labeled educational fall victim to schools' filters because of ads placed over the top of them by Google's rotating advertisement service. The network setting allows schools to filter out any content, including ads and user comments, that does not meet strict criteria for educational purpose.

Users can search YouTube EDU based on certain criteria, including school subject, grade level, and age level.

Google, which owns YouTube, also announced YouTube for Teachers, a sister site that instructs educators in best practices for getting the most out of YouTube EDU. Google said it hoped that the addition of both sites would increase the use of many videos that schools would have previously avoided for fear of encountering content inappropriate for young viewers.



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