WWI U-Boat Wreck Found off Belgium

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September 24, 2017

Archaeologists have found the 100-year-old wreckage of a German U-Boat off the coast of Belgium.

The scientists did not divulge the exact location of the wreck, which dates to World War I, but they did release many other details.

The 88-foot-long sub was a Type UB-II vessel, one of 18 that conducted raids against British ships from occupied ports in Belgium. The 11th such discovery in Belgian waters, the boat was found in 2014 but was thought to date to World War II because authorities had no records of a German U-Boat sinking at that location.

The boat is 90 feet down and is lying on its right side at 45-degree angle. The hull that is mostly still there, but the bow is nearly gone and a torpedo tube is totally gone. Both periscopes are bent forward.

Germany employed 375 U-Boats during World War I, losing have of that total but sinking 5,000 enemy ships. 

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