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Protesters Target Syrian Embassies Around World
February 5, 2012

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Street violence in Syria is worsening and spreading. Protesters have attacked several Syrian embassies around the world, including in London, Athens, Berlin, Canberra, and Kuwait City.

The protesters who broke into Cairo's embassy set that one on fire. Those who invaded the relative sanctity of the embassies in London were beaten back with batons. Police in Athens detained 13 people who broke into the embassy in that city. About 50 protesters broke down the front door of the embassy in Canberra and destroyed furniture before leaving, embassy computers in hand. Protesters in Kuwait City forced their way into that city's Syrian embassy and hoisted the Syrian opposition flag on the embassy gate.

The actions were in response to twin developments late last week of a new offensive against civilians in the central city of Homs and another high-profile disagreement over foreign involvement in what could become a civil war.

Syrian troops opened fire on crowds in Homs, killing more than 200. It was the latest instance of armed forces opening fire on people in the streets. Homs, especially, has been a hotbed of anti-government activity and, consequently, a place where Syrian tank and troop concentration has been at its heights.

On the worldwide stage, China and Russia again vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned Syria for its actions and issued a call for President Bashar al-Assad to relinquish power. It was the second such resolution put forward by the Security Council; the previous one was also vetoed by China and Russia.

And, in what could be the first of a growing trend, the Tunisia government expelled its ambassador from Syria.



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