U.S. Mayors Embrace Renewable Energy, Other Climate Issues

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June 26, 2017

The nation's mayors joined a group of high-profile governors in embracing climate change, urging the U.S. Government to abide by the terms of the Paris Agreement. President Trump recently announced his intention to withdraw the nation from the agreement.

At the annual meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, this year in Miami Beach, the mayors, from both major political parties, united in adopting a series of resolutions that tackle the challenge of climate change. Primary among those resolutions was a pledge to move to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. The mayors also called for a move toward making the nation's transportation sector electric and a move toward more fully embracing wind energy as a form of renewable energy.

The resolutions are nonbonding; as well, not all mayor signed on to the resolutions.

Miami Beach is a city that is predicted to soon face major climate change issues relating to a rise in sea levels. The city has already taken action in this regard, raising sidewalks and installing underground pumps to send seawater back out to sea.

Attending the mayors conference were the chief executives of 1,408 cities from across the country. To send its mayor, a city must have a population of at least 30,000. The annual meeting location rotates throughout the nation. The mayors conference also has a winter meeting, which takes place each January and is always in Washington, D.C.

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