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Tornado Death Toll Reaches 156 as Temporary Homes Planned
June 22, 2011

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The deadly tornado that ravaged Joplin, Mo., in May has claimed another victim, as authorities there listed the name of another person who died as a result of the killer twister. The death toll stands at 156.

Nearly 6,000 homes and many other types of buildings were as nothing in the face of the fierce storm, the deadliest recorded in America in several decades. It was the fourth such highly rated tornado so far in 2011. Weather officials rated the tornado an EF-5, the highest on the Enhanced Fujita scale of a tornado's power and intensity.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has announced plans to build more than 300 modular homes to house the hundreds of families left homeless by the storm. A similar system as instituted in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, in 2005; the Joplin homes will be a bit larger and built to higher construction standards, mostly because the industry has increased its requirements in the six years since the deadly hurricane ripped through New Orleans, leaving thousands of people without homes or livelihoods.

Initial reports were that more than 1,000 people were missing; however, most of those listed as missing have turned up alive and well. However, more than 750 people were injured.



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