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Tsunami-flung Boat Found in Canada
March 25, 2012

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A fishing boat that disappeared in the midst of the massive walls of wind and water that were the Sendai Tsunami has turned up very much intact 4,500 miles away, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

The boat, which was used for squid fishing, was found 120 miles off the Queen Charlotte Islands, a group of islands on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province. A Canadian military air patrol noticed the ship and notified authorities in the Japan Coast Guard, who confirmed the ship's existence with its owner via the ship's identification number, which was intact.

The boat is part of a large group of debris that has largely dispersed in the ocean's currents after the initial waves went back out to sea after sweeping through so much of the land area in northeastern Japan. Despite this, a large amount of debris still floats in the ocean, awaiting further dispersal or discovery.

The trawler, which is showing no signs of leaking despite clear signs of rust from a year of neglect, was one of a great many boats swept out to sea when the tsunami hit on March 11, 2011. The owner concluded, as so many like him did, that he would never see the boat again. Now all he has to do is go get it.
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