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Radiation Reported in Fukushima Water, People
June 28, 2011

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The radiation woes continue for the Tokyo Electric Power Company and its crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant. The latest news is that another leak has released tons of radioactive water into the ground surrounding the plant and that researchers have found radiation in 15 people who live in the area.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency reported that nearly 15 metric tons of water leaked from one of the nuclear plant's storage tanks. The radiation level was low, but tensions surrounding such leaks are still very high.

Plant workers repaired the leak soon after it was discovered.

The leak came amid TEPCO's water recycling plan, which was halted after a leak but restarted successfully.

Officials at the Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine of Hiroshima University reported finding cesium and/or iodine in a total of 15 people aged 4 to 77. The people live in two towns about 25 miles from the plant. The researchers concluded that the radioactive elements had come from food and water, not from the air.

Meanwhile, frustration with the entire situation boiled over in a march numbering hundreds of people in Fukushima. Carrying banners reading "One Fukushima is Enough," the protesters demanded that the Japanese government do more to help them. Bolstered by people from as far away as Tokyo, the protesters carried out their march despite heavy rain.

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