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Sesame Street to Highlight Hungry Kids
October 4, 2011

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A new special edition of the popular television program Sesame Street will highlight the struggles that many families have with hunger.

Lily, a new muppet, will feature on a one-hour prime-time special edition of Sesame Street. Lily doesn't always have enough of the kind of food that she wants or needs. 

On the show, real children will tell their own personal stories of struggling with hunger. Also featuring on the show will be Brad Paisley, a country music star, and his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley. 

The show is part of a Sesame Street initiative called "Food For Thought: Eating Well on a Budget."

Recent figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that up to 17 million children in the U.S. have limited or questionable access to food. Of those, 9.6 million are under the age of 6.

The show, titled "Growing Hope Against Hunger," will air on October 9 in the U.S. and at various times in more than 140 countries around the world. 



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