Book Review: Remember Pearl

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Part 3: A Special Timeline

Lastly and most importantly, I give special mention to the amazing timeline at the back of the book. One of the two pages is reproduced below.

It is an account of wartime events divided by year. Further, events in different parts of the world are color-coded. Events that took place in the Pacific Theatre are in blue boxes. Events that took place in the European Theatre are in red-gray boxes. Pearl Harbor events are in yellow boxes.

This is an excellent way to show a lot of things at one time. You can compare, for instance, Japanese gains in 1941 with German gains of the same year. It's much easier to read straight down a column than it is to shift back and forth between two timelines, which is the usual practice when making similar comparisons.

Overall, this book is a find addition to the huge library of Pearl Harbor-related material. I recommend it heartily for both kids and adults. You're guaranteed to learn many new things!

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Graphics courtesy of National Geographic

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