Book Review: Our World

Ages 2-8

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This book bills itself as A Children's First Picture Atlas, and it more than lives up to its billing. This is a great book full of fun pictures and illustrations that help introduce very young readers to the world around them.

At first, all of the basic landforms and bodies of water are identified, so students know what they will be looking at later on in the book. Then come the geography maps and the political maps, in that order, as it should be.

The engaging pictures draw the reader in, encouraging him or her to read the related words, which inform about the people, animals, and land and water that fill each continent and all the points in between.

The most fun to be had, though, is the scavenger hunts that accompany the continent presentations. Pictures of various things that are displayed in what looks like a timeline ask the reader to "Find Me on the Map Above." Young readers will have a great time honing their identification skills while also more about the continents' geography. A universal scavenger hunt is included at the back of the book, with clues to things to find throughout the entire book. Much fun indeed!

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