Book Review: Our Fifty States

Ages 9-12

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As usual, the folks at National Geographic have a winner that you can hold in your hands. This time, it's a primer on America's 50 States, with all kinds of details about each and every one. Along with the usual collection spectacularly beautiful photographs and informative graphics, we the readers get a host of facts about and little-known details of the 50 states, from such trivia as state birds and flowers to such need-to-know information as state capitals, population ane geography figures, and major industries and agricultural products. In short, this is a one-stop destination for studying your home state—or any other state in the Union.

A bonus is the Did You Know section, which includes five fascinating and not-too-common details or facts about each and every state. (For instance, on the Georgia pages, we discover that "Delta Airlines started as a company that dusted crops for boll weevils ...")

This being a National Geographic book, it also includes one-of-a-kind maps, of cities, highways, waterways and mountains, and state boundaries—for both states and regions.

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